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I'm William, an easy-going gentleman from the beautiful city Karlskrona, in southern Sweden. Roots from South America means that I'm not only tropical, but also trilingual. 

My biggest passions in life are nature, creativity and of course the lovely people surrounding me. 

Cultural experiences from my background and travels has given me a broad perspective and understanding for other people and their needs. It has also tested me many times which has made me more mature.

Since august 2018 I've been a motion design student at Hyper Island where I've grown a lot by reflection sessions, personal feedback and learning by failing. The school has given me valuable experience like working with real client projects and exchanging knowledge with professionals from the industry. 

My biggest creative interests are videography and photography. Beside of that I have a background in animation and sound.

When it comes to my professional path I have a wide experience. After studying to be a nurse and working in the  psychiatry 6 years, I have good social skills, stress management and problem solving skills.

Feel free to see my work and contact me!

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